Who We Are

Algeria comes
to America

KVS Trade Gateway was founded by Cherif Ammar-Khodja.  Cherif, an Algerian native himself, came to the U.S. over 25 years ago.  His knowledge of both North Africa and the U.S. provides comfort to Mediterranean companies as they navigate and explore new trade opportunities with KVS Trade Gateway.  Cherif’s dual citizenship of Algeria and the U.S. provides KVS Trade Gateway with a unique advantage in that we offer our clients/customers the comfort and convenience of working with a representative who has a wealth of knowledge of both the U.S. and North African countries.


KVS Trade Gateway was created to share the culture and love of Cherif’s native region with not only his friends and family in the States but the entire U.S. market. The Mediterranean and the nearby mountainous regions of North Africa boast flavorful, natural, simple foods that are traditional to their history. From traditional Berber fare of couscous and flat bread to Tunisian olive oil and harissa from Morocco, the cuisine of North Africa is packed full of spice and flavor.


North Africa is also a long-established source for other natural products such as essential oils, soap and natural based cosmetics. Many Mediterranean plants, shrubs and trees are the origins of common essential oils. From herbs and spice seeds such as cumin, coriander and rosemary to the miraculous beauty oil of the prickly pear cactus to citrus oils and aromatic tree scents such as cedar, North Africa provides a large and diverse range of essential oils and extracts.

KVS Trade Gateway not only strives to introduce North African culture and products to the U.S. Market but connects an emigrant to his roots.